BEX High-Speed Internet - #1 in Town!

Surf the web, game online, download your favorite music and movies and keep in touch with friends and family across the country with even FASTER SPEEDS. BEX High-Speed Internet service surpasses dial-up and DSL and just keeps getting better.

  • Different speed plans available including Buckeye1 option.
  • Plans start at the everyday low price of just $17.99/mo.
  • Reliable, fast connection - fastest in town and now even faster!
  • In-Home WiFi
  • Free Wireless Hotspots around town.
  • Local, 24/7 customer service - we are always here!
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Speed Plans/Special Offers

Internet Equipment (Modem) Options

You have options for the equipment used to access Buckeye CableSystem’s High-Speed Internet. Choose from a low monthly rate or purchase your own modem from the Approved Modem List.

Low Monthly Internet Equipment Fee

  • Always have the right equipment for your Internet service plan and speed.
  • Guaranteed 24/7 technical support.
  • Free equipment upgrades
  • Pay monthly Internet equipment fee, which is currently $5 per month.*
  • Return equipment if you cancel your service.

Buy your own modem

  • Make a one-time purchase from the Approved Modem List.
  • Forego paying a monthly Internet Equipment Fee
  • You are responsible for maintaining, servicing and replacing Internet modem equipment.

Approved Modem List/Installation (PDF) »

*An Internet Equipment Fee applies on certain Internet speed plans that use a Buckeye CableSystem modem to access the Internet. Excludes retail modems purchased outright at lobby locations.

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Free Internet classes

Buckeye CableSystem offers FREE Internet classes for BEX High-Speed Internet customers at Owens Community College.

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