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Get up to $250 CASH BACK and up to $40/MO. OFF EACH MONTH on select Buckeye Bundles. Click below for complete details.

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All Digital Upgrade Underway

We're upgrading our system to an ALL DIGITAL platform. In most cases, each TV in your home will need to be connected to a Digital/HD converter or an HD DTA to receive a cable TV signal. Once upgraded, you'll see a variety of benefits including a few more channels and improved picture quality. HD DTAs can be ordered online and shipped to our customers at no charge. Select the link below to learn more. CLICK HERE to watch a video on SETTING UP YOUR HD DTA.

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Buckeye1 brings you and Internet like no other with 50 Mbps speed and a 500 GB data plan. Enjoy Blade All Access, the Watch BCSN App and more - all on an iPad mini.

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COMING SOON! RLTV (Retirement Living TV) is targeted at a demographic aged 50 years and older. Its topics and programs include health care, finance, travel, lifestyle, comedy, and drama. Find it on ch. 160 beginning December 15th.

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10 Years of BCSN

For 10 years we've watched BCSN grow with the addition of BCSN 2, BCSN HD, BCSN in Erie County and our new TV Everywhere app available at the Apple App Store. Select the link below and watch some videos highlighting our 10 years!

Buckeye CableSystem is pleased to make BCSN available to our community.

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