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Cable TV:
Cable TV Channel Guides
Parental Controls (PDF)
Converter Connections (PDF)
i-Guide Quick Reference (PDF)
Buckeye Media Gateway Guide (Whole Home)
Buckeye Media Gateway App Overview (PDF)
DVR Quick Guide (PDF)

Express High-Speed Internet:
Email Server Settings:
Express Email Server Settings (PDF)
Buckeye Access Email Server Settings (PDF)
Setting Up Email:
Setting Up Email in Outlook 2003 (PDF)
Setting Up Email in Outlook 2013 (PDF)
Setting Up Email in Outlook Express (PDF)
Setting Up Email in MacMail (PDF)
Setting Up Email in Windows Live (PDF)
Setting Up Email in iOS (PDF)
Express Wireless Modem Settings:
Optimizing Settings for Express Wireless Modem (PDF)
Port Forwarding Setup on Express Wireless Modems (PDF)
Internet Consumption:

Buckeye Phone (PDFs):
Buckeye Phone User Guide (PDF)
Accessing Your Bill Online (PDF)
Voicemail Interface (PDF)

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