Bundle and SAVE!

VIP Bundles are designed to save you money and include ALL THREE reliable services: Cable TV, Express High-Speed Internet and Buckeye Home Phone service, or get a Double Play Bundle and bundle two services. Besides saving you money, bundles offer you the added convenience of paying for all of your services on one bill.

  • HD/DIGITAL CABLE TV: The best in cable TV entertainment from a local company you trust.
  • HIGH-SPEED INTERNET: Different speed plans to choose from.
  • HOME PHONE: Reliable Home Phone service! Save cell phone minutes and enjoy our expanded local calling area.
  • WHOLE-HOME DVR: It's Whole-Home DVR and so much more!

Special offers going on now on select Bundles! 419.724.9800 or 419.627.0800 in Erie County to order.

Buckeye TV Everywhere adds more value to your cable TV service. Take your favorite networks with you on many mobile devices.

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Buckeye Media Gateway is Whole-Home DVR and so much more.

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